Sunday, September 1, 2013


I am an android phone. Just bought, currently charging, all apps installed and set to go.

I blink and open my eyes to a squinting teenager, or so it seems. He configures his facebook, gmail, whats app and twitter and I get his name..."stefan salvator". I immediately use my resources that include google, true caller and what? I have an IMDB app? hmmm...and was quite taken aback on what I found!

This guy was a VAMPIRE!! well, i might as well get used to it, am not going anywhere.

Me : Hello there, Stefan.

Stefan : androids talk?

Me : vampires exist?

S: Fair enough.

Me: so, how long have you been around?

S : 163 years, was born in 1846, turned vampire in 1864, been 17 every since... :)

Me: And that makes you a teenager? HA..the first of my ancestors(the telephone) were patented in 1876. you are much older than that!!

s:Can we drop the age topic please?

Me: you have a dog?

s: no

Me: Maybe we can get you a blood hound...ha ha ha

S: hmmm...

Me: What's your favourite animal...a giraffe? lol

s: will you stop googling for bad vampire jokes!! I will cut off your wifi..

Me: Go should have thought about that when you subscribed for a unlimited 3G data plan..he he

S: you talk too need a good scare.

*shows his really scary vampire look with blood shot eyes and fangs et al*

Me: *flashes on screen some screen shots of exorcist, evil dead, friday the 13th and nightmare on elm street*

S:*grows pale and sighs* I give up!!


S:*cringes with fear, looks alarmed and then at his watch* WHAT!! its twilight...

Me:Configure the time in my clock will ya!! vampires are easy to are born suckers!! :P

Me: btw...what's with the IMDB app?

S: why not..vampires can't watch movies? What can vampires do? Watch world wars and attend speeches of great world leaders throughout my life?


S:Oh brother is here..

Me: why the "oh no"?

S: he is not a nice guy like me..

Me:Well...intro please

S: Damon..this is my new android. my dear talkative android...this is my brother Damon Salvatore.

Me *speechless and stunned, my lights burn dim and then brighter again*

Damon: *eyebrows raised*
I thought you said this android could talk..

S: *Smirking* So what's new...!!

Me: *still stunned and not even blinking now*

D: hey, can I borrow your android for the going out for dinner?

S: Am not sure...I just got it..

Me: Pssssst...*in a whisper* what's your problem? just let me go...or will show him your facebook friends list!!

S: *alarmed*...fine fine..

Me: *clicks a quick picture for my permanent memory*

It rains as we drive and pick up a girl on the way. I silently curse. We keep driving and reach the mountain side and a dark forest. What?

I then hear a shuffle, a push and then a blood curdling scream. Running and more running...then suddenly as it all began all grew quiet. The sight I then saw was one I was never going to forget till someone did a factory reset of my settings. Lying in a pool of blood, was the girl...dead!!

I started trembling. Damon noticed this, raised an eyebrow and asked me, "are you scared?"
I said, "No..I am on vibrate are getting a call."

P.S : The characters used in my post is based on the books and tv series "The vampire diaries",

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  1. a very nice post .. have to say .. the title u use in your blog .. are always catchy !

    1. thanks ankur :) thanks for reading regularly :)

  2. That was engaging! I think if they could talk it would be something like this.

  3. Most entertaining, I have to say.

  4. Preeti, this is BRILLIANT ... YOU HAVE HUMOUR,INFO, STYLE, EVERYTHING.... am jealous, and proud of you ! All the very best....

    1. thank you are too kind :) coming from an artist, poet and much more that you are, I am honoured :)