Tuesday, September 24, 2013


One single word can have different meanings for different people.
In the way it is used. In the way it is perceived.
I choose "anger".
Anger is a "habit". For some, anger is a habit that is unleashed not out of conscious effort, but like a ritual. Probably, years of supressed feelings, anxiety and stress leads to such a situation.
Anger is a "luxury" to some. For some people, there is no option to ventilate their feelings. They have to supress their anger for several reasons which could be, to save a relationship, to retain a job, so as not to cause problems that may inturn affect them, fear of facing the consequences, doubt as to its outcome or simply because they feel anger is not a solution to the situation.
Anger is a "tool" for some. They use it when they need to get things done the way they want. Just like children who throw tantrums. It could also to establish power or to show who is in control.
Anger is a "weapon", mostly in self defence.  Some use anger as self defense. When proved wrong, when they have no other option, anger can be used for self defence to get out of a situation.
Anger is a "disease". The dictionary meaning of a disease is :
1.A disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, esp. one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a person.
2.A particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely
affecting a person or group of people.
Going by the dictionary definition 2 would suit "Anger".
Anger is a "solution". In some cases, anger could also be a solution. Its high time some people spoke up, stood up for themselves instead of taking what life and people around them dish out to them. Anger may actually be the solution in such cases.
Anger is a "motivator". I would definitely say anger could be a motivator. If a person were to be challenged as to their capability or capacity of doing a certain task, the anger thus manifested could be transformed into action and achievement. The need to prove oneself can be very compelling.
Anger can also be a "protector". Anger against domestic violence, harassment, abuse can also evoke strong feelings of defence that may be manifested physically to protect oneself or the ones we love.
Anything could be good or bad. I guess it depends on how we use it and to what degree we let it affect our lives.
This post is written for "Free write" at Write tribe.com
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  1. So many takes on 'anger', but i really wonder if it can have any positive effect.
    Nice write up.

    1. Actually...diverting negative energy into positive actions (like sports, music, art etc.) is a form of stress management. It is upto individuals to make the choice. thanks for reading :)

  2. Very well-written about Anger. When anger is not expressed or suppressed it does vent it out in another form or the other. Some people take to muttering or talking to themselves silently. Any emotion ahs to be expressed but in a positive way.

  3. So true that good or bad becomes a matter of perspective. A thought provoking post. Thanks for writing on my prompt.

    1. thanks for reading suzy...this is my first attempt at free writing...it was quite an idea. loved it :) it was my pleasure writing :)

  4. Anger has never sounded better, Preethi!
    Amazing work considering that you have written this for 15 straight minutes!
    I agree that anything can be good/bad; just depends on our use & attitude!

    Thanks for sharing your 'Liebster Award & Creative Blogger Award' with me! Touched & Honored! My very first thanks to you!
    That's enough cause for the opposite of Anger- Happiness! :)

  5. Wow. Really deep thoughts on anger! I cant believe you just wrote this off hand! WoW!

    Does this mean you never get angry? :)

    1. thanks :) reply to your question :) au contraire...:)

  6. Anger well analyzed :) Anger can be turned positive. Am reminded of a quote "Anger is generally seen as an unwelcome presence in our midst, however natural it may be. Although each person, and each society, is charged with how anger is to be appropriately channeled, the denial of anger, or its continuous repression, is a deep source of our psychopathology and will invariably seek its expression in a less healthful fashion."

    Am also reminded of what HARRIET GOLDHOR LERNER says in the dance of anger, "Anger is neither legitimate nor illegitimate, meaningful nor pointless. Anger simply is. To ask, "Is my anger legitimate?" is similar to asking, "Do I have the right to be thirsty? After all, I just had a glass of water fifteen minutes ago. Surely my thirst is not legitimate. And besides, what's the point of getting thirsty when I can't get anything to drink now, anyway?" Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We all have a right to everything we feel--and certainly our anger is no exception. People with a healthy attitude concerning anger understand the difference between constructive and destructive anger. Anger is constructive when your anger expression affirms and acknowledges your integrity and boundaries without intending to threaten or violate another person's integrity or boundaries. Destructive anger is when your expression of anger is a defensive and rigid attempt to protect your vulnerability and boundaries by intending to threaten or violate another's integrity and boundaries (whether the intention is conscious or not). If you have a healthy relationship with anger, you have learned how to transform anger from a weapon that wounds others and yourself to a tool that promotes understanding and healthy change in relationships. Anger is most constructive when it is used to solve a problem, rather than merely to prove a point or vent your feelings.

    I feel each emotion have a proper place our lives

    Anger is a something we feel it is natural at times and it exists for a reason and deserves our respect. After all anger when positively channelled can bring about change :)

    1. wow!! quite an analysis...thanks for sharing your thoughts...and yes "each emotion has a proper place in our lives"...all depends on where we place it :)

  7. Anger is most effective when its expressed as anger and not felt. This way we save our mind and also get the desired response :)

    Love your style...simple yet thought provoking, very beautifully!! Keep them coming. God bless :)