Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Its been an annoying day,
its late in the night,
Its quiet and perfect,
I sit down to write.

I switch on my computer,
Stare at the screen,
I draw a blank,
My page is clean.

I turn on the tv,
Channels I surf,
Many topics i think of,
Naah...that's not my turf.

I hear a little baby giggle, I check my sleeping child,
Deep in slumber, to myself I smiled.

Now I am bugged,
Think I'll just quit,
Then it just hit me,
Anger is the culprit.

It does not let me think,
It clouds my mind,
It scrambles my brain,
Makes me blind.

A child laughs, I'm sure I heard,
Where is this coming from, not a thing around me stirred.

When in anger all seems bad,
Words are harsh, actions rash,
All that negative energy,
Stored up in a cache.

Words once said cannot erased,
This anger is such a bane,
I may yell and feel better,
To the listener it causes much pain.

A shadow of a teenager, I see through the corner of my eye,
I hear a snigger, what's happening to me and why?

Anger hurts too many,
It does not stop with one,
Strains and breaks relationships,
Should'nt it be shun?

Anger is an eye problem,
Can't see things clearly,
If its not treated in time,
It will cost us dearly.

That someone is an adult now, with a sarcastic smile,
I turn and look at the clock, its been quite a while.

My head starts to hurt,
My pulse is racing,
I don't feel too good,
Blood pressure is rising.

Anger does no good to health,
Our physical being, and mental one,
It keeps chasing me,
Away from it I run.

Almost a demonic look now, horns, a tail, with a smirk on the face,
I turn around to throw a punch, all I hit is empty space.

In anger decisions go wrong,
That affect not only us but others too,
Life changes completely,
Need to think it through.

Nothing makes us happy,
Smallest of things an irritant,
Don't take things easy anymore,
Everything we confront.

A full grown demon I can see, twisted horns, spewing fire,
This can't be happening, am hallucinating for sure.

Finally comes withdrawal,
We cut all social contact,
No one understands us, we think,
Anger has such a deep impact.

Oh my god, I realise,
What was a voice, then a shadow,
Is fully grown and now a demon,
What do I do?, OH NO OH NO...

"Why dont you leave me alone!!", I scream,
My voice high and shrill,
Anger grins at me and replies,
"Let me go, and I will".


  1. Loved the last line "Let me go and I will". As it is said anger is just one word short of danger. Well written. This has become one of my favorite posts of yours :)

  2. As always..just another thought provoking write up..

  3. a very beautiful read .. title is intriguing !

  4. Awesome. Could associate with every bit of it. It's so much more difficult to bring out every aspect and put it a to rhyme - you have done it so well!
    Love the last line....

  5. 'Let go' is the solution. I like how you approached the conclusion. Nice poem.