Friday, September 13, 2013


A handful of students,
Seated on the floor,
A teacher by them stands,
A breeze flows through the door.

Let's learn colors,
Today is a beautiful day,
We'll go one by one,
What do you say?

The first one is "yellow",
Its the color of happiness,
What you feel when you smile,
When you taste success.

The second one is "Green",
The color of jealousy it is,
What you feel when others do well,
Its a bad feeling, this.

The third one is "blue",
Cold is what it means,
Like when you have ice cream,
Hmmm..Vanilla, caramel and praline.

The fourth one is "red",
Its the color of anger,
What you feel when someone lets you down,
You question them and you dont get an answer.

The fifth and last one is "Pink",
This color means love and caring,
The one you feel as your mother holds you,
When with others you are sharing.

That's all for today,
We'll continue tomorrow,
If there is anything to tell or ask me,
Please let me know.

They put on their black glasses and pick up their sticks,
One speaks up as others up and pack,
We do know one more color, the only color we see,
The color of darkness, that color is "black".

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  1. colourful verse , Preethi. Keep it up.

  2. Totally unexpected ending!
    Really touching poem!! Reminds us all to be grateful for the blessings which we tend to take for granted.

  3. Nice & colourful post. I see people are starting to write just as soon as the weekend starts :)

  4. A really nice colorful description, Preethi!
    Thank God for Colors! :)

  5. Flawless poem! Loved all you said about the colors here :)

  6. lovely poem.. :)

    hey Preethi.. I share my award moment with you... enjoy.. my wishes.. :)

    have a great weekend.

    1. omg!! thank you :) so so much :) its very much appreciated

  7. The colors mean so much for those who cannot see.. nice one.

  8. very very creative. Loved the last paragraph...beautifully versed.

  9. colorfully written ! liked the blue ! :)

  10. awww...loved it..didn't see that twist coming at the favorite color is yellow :)