Thursday, July 4, 2013


I went to a funeral. I saw death.
I dont remember how young I was when I attended that funeral.  But I do remember vividly the face of the young widow with two small kids, who, at the moment was faced with the biggest crisis of her life.
There are no words to comfort, no means to explain the tragedy, no way to ease the pain.
But I see nothing done to make things easy for her. There are visitors by the dozen asking the very same question she is asking herself over and over in her did this happen?
The incident is talked about, dissected, contorted and broadcasted, just like that live news channel that goes on and on about the same bit of news for days together. 
In the background is loud wailing and crying, amidst figuring out if it was the girl's past life sins or her horoscope or just her luck that is the cause of the horror she is going through.
As her mind is numbed with the pain of the loss of the love of her life, the fear for the future of her children and the comprehension of the strength she is going to need....she is dragged
unwillingly to see the face of her husband one last time.
I went to a funeral. I saw death. Death of humanity.