Friday, July 19, 2013


Mom's are a gift,
on a 24*7 shift,
From the moment I was born,
Her sleep was all gone.

I look at her face,
All lit up and happy,
She is patience personified,
Hardly ever snappy.

She works all day,
And holds me through the night,
Chases me around,
Never lets me out of sight.

She taught me the ABC's,
And loads and loads of rhymes,
School projects and exams,
Those were amazing times.

I then had a little brother,
I thought about me she would'nt care,
But she loved me even more,
And taught me how to share.

She taught me to respect,
And stand up for myself,
To empathise with people,
And to heal thyself.

She always defends me,
Says "you are the best",
Focus on what you do,
Let go of all the rest.

Her time, her effort,
The beat of her heart,
All for me and my brother,
Right from the start.

"I love you mom"...I never said that enough!
Have taken you for granted,
Should have said it every day,
Not wait for mother's day.

Now I am a mother,
I feel what you feel,
You are my greatest inspiration,
Before you I kneel.


  1. There's nothing like a MOM in the world. Very nice poem.

  2. I miss my mom..well written.

  3. Very cute and good one... Mom is patience personified :)

  4. Nicely written that I'm a mother of a two year old I realize how many adjustments a mom needs to make in her own life to make sure her kid has a smooth sailing've captured that very well in your poem :)


    1. Thanks :) I did realise most of these things only after I became a mom too :)