Sunday, August 25, 2013


What is that invisible hold that prevents us from doing what we want when someone just says "no"?
There are no chains holding us back.  We are not tied up physically. Our body can move with instuctions from our own brain.
But these instructions are theorems deduced and rationalised not only from practical axioms from the brain but also emotional axioms from the heart.
While those emotional axioms could be positive like love, friendship, respect, loyalty, duty, goodwill etc., it could also be negative ones like fear, despair, panic, cowardice, doubt etc..
When positive axioms stay positive and supportive, all is well, everybody is happy. When the positive axioms are misused by others to alter our behaviour or actions it is termed "emotional blackmail" and does no good to the people involved or the relationship.
While Negative axioms obviously have a negative impact, they could also have a positive effect by preventing someone by acting impulsively or making wrong decisions.
In the end a combined input of both practical and emotional reasoning is needed in every action and decision.
Lets not get caught in the shackles of sentiment. Those invisible harnesses that could change a life.


  1. Very well written and interesting post. So true.

  2. Am reminded of these lines when I read this post. " While writing the story of your life don't let others hold your pen". As you said both practical and emotional reasoning is required when we take decisions. We decide to do something and then some one tries to stop it. But its up to us to decide whether we would yield to the emotional blackmail. After all compromise and total submission are two different things :) Loved the title of the post :)

    1. Thanks sandhya...:) for stopping by and sharing your thoughts :)

  3. Absolutely right Preeti. All external influences on our mind do have a great impact on our behavior. In addition to this, I also learnt that as humans whatever we do is basically for two reasons: 1. Happiness 2. Pain
    We may like to do something that brings us comfort, happiness, benefit, profit, joy etc. And the second one is we avoid doing or saying something that would result in pain, worry, hardship, loss, problems, feelings of hurt, sadness etc.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) and as always wonderful points shared... :)