Thursday, May 8, 2014


This is a post I found on when I googled "chennai'. Being a Chennai lover, it made me curious as to why there is a post titled "chennai the most hated city", which pushed me to read the post.  As for the  post itself, I have no comments on it, it is an individual opinion based on whatever facts they have obtained. But the comments section is something one should read. Be it in support of Chennai or Bangalore or north India or south India, what all these people don't realize is that each and every one has their own opinion and are entitled to it. That each and everyone loves their own city for their own reasons. Every city has its pros and cons.

INDIA IS A SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC boasts of several cultures and languages and much more than just meets the eye of anybody outside of India.

Every country has its drawbacks and negatives.  As citizens the least we can do is be proud of our country and respect each other. It does not matter which part of the country we are from, we are first and foremost Indians.

Lets each one of us be proud of who we are, wherever we come from, whatever language, caste, religion, we are does not matter!! we are Indians. And we have bigger fights to fight.

This may be an old post and an argument amongst a handful of people whose views may not reach too many people. But for a post that was posted in 2009, the comments are running till end of 2013 and the site admin had to step in and block further commenting.

Do take a look.


We need to look at the bigger picture. There are much more important issues that we can argue about and more importantly act upon.

I understand the concept of freedom of speech and expression. But I guess the priorities to where we need to show our vehemence is something we need to think about.

No offence meant to the people who commented on the blog. If we could only channelize all that energy into something more productive.

Don't you agree?


  1. channelize all that energy into something more productive if people really understand the meaning of this line then only .. isn't it ?

  2. absolutely true ankur...but how does one go about doing all that explaining...? thanks for reading.

  3. first time visiting your blog :)
    wonderful reflection post,