Sunday, May 25, 2014


Anu was jumping up and down excitedly. But then..she does that all the time. :) My almost three year old daughter, all smiles, was getting ready to go to the hospital.  No No...there is nothing wrong with her..don't worry. I was the one getting admitted.

"Got your bag, kanna(term of endearment)?" I asked.

"yes, Yes", she nodded. "story book, crayons, water bottle, snack box, Tigger and..."

"Anu"...called her father, "Its getting late, let's go"

We pile into our black I10. Anu gets into the back seat with her grandmother.

"Amma, Amma, FLOWERS, TREES, DOG, COW" she jumps in glee..At the stage where she is learning to talk, indentifying things is her new favourite hobby. "Amma, flower, red, red!!, AMMA AMMA, blue sky!!" her voice high and filled with awe. "Very good, very good", I encourage.

Nature is magic, is it not?
The sky, the sea, the hills, the air,
The animals, birds and everything else,
Beauty, beyond compare.

"Anu, sweetheart, you need to sit down. Paati(grandma) can't hold you like I do." I beg. I was not in a position to hold her in the front seat.

"Amma, song?" She chimes, and sits down, much to my relief.

I turn on the music. An array of Disney songs play. The lion king, Toy story, Cinderella,  Pocahontas, Frozen and many more. Anu sways to the tune, smiles and claps her hand. "Amma, Amma, Hakuna Matata.."she grins. She loves that song. I smile to myself and can't help thinking "No worries...for the rest of your life" :)..I sigh.

Music is magic, knows no language,
The books and movies we can find,
Art and all such things,
All Creativity of the human mind.

The car seems to get hotter. I turn up the airconditioner. As the new gust of air circulates within the car, Anu exclaims "Amma, AMMA...wind wind!!" and turns her face in that direction, trying to catch it on her face.

I smile to myself and shift uncomfortably. "Are you ok?" Anu's father asks. I just pat his hand in response.

Science and Technology is magic,
Brilliance it does show,
Discoveries and Inventions galore,
What does not man know?

We reach the hospital. We park and get down from the car. A woman is sweeping the leaves scattered all over the parking lot. Her son, a small boy in a pair of well worn shorts is walking behind her crying. Anu stops. "Amma", she says, "baby, crying". She opens her bag and pulls out a chocolate, walks to the boy and gives it to him. She smiles and runs back to us. Her dad picks her up and hugs her. I give her a peck on the cheek.

Kindness is magic,
the good feeling it brings,
So is love, generosity, empathy and such,
They just tug at your heart strings.

We settle down in the room allotted to me. Anu too settles down in the additional bed in the room with her bag and keeps herself busy. The operation date and time was preset. As we waited, Anu fell asleep. She looked peaceful and calm, her hand wrapped tightly around Tigger. She smiled in her sleep.

Dreams are magic,
Visions of the future of ours,
Our wishes they project,
Hope and faith our powers.

I am taken from the room for the procedure.  I hug Anu and tell her to be good. That I will be back really soon. She smiles and nods. I tell her father to take care of her and to give her the food I packed. He reassures me, and tells me not to worry.

Relationship is magic,
It wills one to live,
To survive, to push,
To succeed, to give.

An hour later, I am back. Anu and her father sit by me, holding affectionately our newest member of our family. "Amma, Amma", Anu smiles, "baby, brother" she says, carefully touching the baby with one finger. Tears stream down my eyes as hormones take over.

Birth is a miracle,
From just a single cell,
A whole new life,
Its amazing as hell!!

I look at Anu's father. The man who married me. I was divorced. So was he. He had a daughter from his first marriage. I loved both of them to bits.

The power of the human mind is magic,
To withstand betrayal and pain,
The power to forgive and move on,
To start again.

I am brought back to the present as I hear Anu say, "Amma, amma"..."Conshoons"..I look up quizzically and her father clarifies "Congratulations!". She hands me an envelope. I open in to find a hand drawn (scribbled) card and words in her father's handwriting. As I hug her tightly, tears stream down my eyes as I thank god for his blessings.

God is the greatest magician,
His creations are amazing.
Innumerable to mention,
His praises I sing.

Magic is everywhere. Its all around us. Its the way we see things. To me...Magic is seen through the eyes of my little one. Without prejudice, with awe, with enthusiasm, without expectations, with courage, with faith.

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  1. There is magic in every moment of life. lovely post , Preethi.

    1. thank you so much :) always value your comments :)

  2. This is beautiful Preethi, I love the mix of writing and poetry. It is probably one of the best forms of expression I have come across and you have combined them so beautifully. It certainly takes some magic to weave in words as poetry and the way the write up provides background for it is brilliant story telling :)..

    And the display of innocence, the little things of joy are beautiful .. A lovely post :)

    1. thank you vinay. That is really kind of you :) am glad you liked it :)

  3. wow!!! prose and poetry put together in a very amiable way... CONSHOONS..........

    1. ha ha..thank you very much :) welcome to my blog.

  4. This was a lovely read, Preethi. Magic is indeed in all these tender moments of love and togetherness...if we only we can see it like that.

  5. I think this here is your strength in writing. Such a wonderfully beautiful and appealing piece with verses thrown in between. It's one of the best ones I have read this week. :)

    BTW, why do so many people have characters called 'Anu' in their stories?

    1. thank you very much for your kind words :) glad you liked it..and ha ha...i don't know about others, but I like to use simple common names so that first, I don't get confused and second, its easier to bond with familiar names..i think :)

  6. thank you :) thanks for reading :)

  7. Preethi -You have a magic touch :)) Your writing is so descriptive, it was as if I was there, observing the story unfold! Enjoyed it :)

  8. Magical post! I loved the way how you have interconnected the prose and poem together :)

  9. magic is what makes life worth living .. a very nice post :)

  10. This is truly a magic post, weaving emotions that touches us. Sensitive and celebrating kindness, love and magic. Don't we make our life WoW and magic:) Anu is so cute and magic:)

    1. thank you vishal :) appreciate your comments :)

  11. Honestly, this post is magical. How well you have mixed feelings, family and poetry. Loved reading it.

  12. Magical post, Preethi! You have civered so many aspects :)
    So beautiful! I have tears in my eyes. Words are magical too!

  13. wow..loved the mix of prose and poetry....and the story really conjures up everything magical!! well done!

  14. Such a lovely post! Having babies is what life is all about. :D

  15. Have nominated you for the Liebster Award :)
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    1. thank you...replied on your page...still working on the post :)

  16. Wow Preethi, the poignant verses in between made this magical. Lovely!

  17. Truly deservng wow post.... I am spellbound....:)....