Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The year that just went,
A lovely and eventful one,
Both ups and downs,
Complaints are none.

A big family, trip to kerala,
My little one started school,
A super duper vacation,
Its all been so cool.

Started a blog,
A contest I won,
Read a lot,
Started driving again.

Rhymes and fairy tales,
Are swimming in my head,
In company of Parents and grandparents,
Nothing more need be said.

Lovely relations and friends,
Both old and new,
near and far, kept in touch,
Facebook, Thanks to you.

Now, what is new year?
Another passing day?
Another page in the calender?
Why this hype, I say?

What changes in that one day?
Finance, state of things?
People, family, circumstances?
What does it bring?

The change may be in the year and date,
But not in the physical world,
The change is within us,
A change unseen and untold.

A change of heart,
A change of mind,
A new hope,
To life it does bind.

What are resolutions?
But an attempt to change oneself,
In a hope to change things,
Starting with thyself.

To make a difference,
The first step you must take,
Don't wait for the change,
For your own sake.

A new year is about hope, change and new beginnings that "we" initiate.  Here's wishing you all an awesome 2014!!

PS: so sorry about not replying and reading for sometime. explanation in my next post. sorry again.


  1. My first resolution is to read more blogs connect with more people and yes donate all my blog earnings to Nanhi Kali :-) I loved the poetry Preethi a lovely round up of the year :-)


    1. thank you richa :) hoping to read more blogs as well...and a great resolution. all the very best to you :)

  2. Lovely poem to ring in the new year!
    Have a wonderful year ahead!

  3. Welcome back :) Evideyayirunnu ithuvare :) Wish you a nice and happy New Year :)

    1. thank you sreeja :) velliya break eduthu..reason next postla parayaam :)

  4. Lovely Poem . . A G+ for ur post and have a Nice Day. . . :)

  5. Lovely poem and happy new year to you :)

  6. Very true, Preethi! While reading this, one-thrid of the year has gone by :) Hope all is fine! Best wishes :)

  7. I kind of looked at resolutions more like a forced discipline and not as much a change of self :) none the less... i still hope to make an attempt for the rest of the year. If i didnt get started on New Year, my birthday is the next reminder :D