Sunday, October 13, 2013


The waves splash on the hull of the ships as they move slowly alongside the sludge. Splash....swish..splssh.

Within the ship....everyone sat in silence. They had been there for almost 12 hours now. They were watching videos made of the click...the remote went in the hands of Tara Craft, historian and explorer. 

She looked around at the others in the room. Captain Kirk of the army was going tap tap tap on the table impatiently with his pen. Drag pitt, youngest in the room, PhD in astro physics. .was Slurrp..drinking coffee. Jack Clover, FBI; Sigmund Droid, psychologist;  Fleur de la mour, oceanographer; Arya bhattacharya, mathematician and astronomer; who was currently pouring over lots of printouts...

And finally....whats his name..  hmmm...never mentioned...a swami...hmmmm.....who sits and keeps praying.  God knows why the government brought him here.

The other ship had another set of scientists. They had not met them yet.

They sit and watch the videos together in silence.  click...

Video 1 : the sludge moves slowly on the surface of the water. 
Evidently weightless video: a school of fish get curious. Glop...glop..the fish disintegrate. 
It obviously destroys any living creature it touches. But the size of the sludge remains the same. underwater camera is sent to check under the sludge. The camera shows a black mass and destroyed.
It destroys anything in its path. ...a soldier trying to get a sample of the sludge from a helicopter. They get close enough and use a cast iron vessel to get a sample.  crack...fizzle and the vessel is gone. In the process few specs of the sludge fall on the soldiers hand. He lets out a blood curdling scream as the sludge slowly eats him alive. He falls into the sludge....glop.. ..glop.. .and not a trace of the soldier is left.

There is a shocked silence in the room.

"I lost a man"..yelled captain Kirk.

"I still say the only way to destroy it is to bomb it!!! Can't you people understand. It can reach the shores of any  country. It can destroy the world."

Whirrr....more printouts...

" Fair enough...but if you bomb it and it scatters, it just spreads out more. We have to contain it. Question is how do you contain something that destroys everything", said Tara.

Slurrp..." A stronger about tungsten. .?" Drag pitt finally looked up from his coffee and spoke.

Hummmm....the swami continued to pray.

As everyone got involved in a heated discussion, Kirk picks up the radio gives some orders.

Suddenly they all hear a Whooosh of a plane above them and then BOOM!!! Whoooosh...Splaasssh!!!

They watched in shock as the sludge scattered on the ship closer to slowly begins to disintegrate. 

The other one moves to a safe distance before it can offer any help.

Scream.... crack... splash...Woooo.. wooo..the alarm sounds..ABANDON SHIP!!!!

To be continued....
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  1. Cool Preethi!
    WOW! Part-2 now & then more! Can't wait 4 d instalments! 👌

  2. aaha..... So the nano blunder continues....go ahead, waiting :)

  3. I read the Part 1 and now this.. Amazing....bring out the rest too. A detailed commeny shall be received then :)

    1. hey...thanks for reading :) will wait for your comments :)