Wednesday, May 8, 2013

P2AP3 - What they say 1.1.2 - Need to know a bit more

Human needs according to Maslow are five : physiological, safety and security, love and belongingness, self esteem and self actualisation.  On the satisfaction of one need the next arises, in the above order. Or so it was....
Hmm...where were we?..ah yes...the current scenario.  
1.Most kids or rather most of the current generation have their basic needs/physiological needs satisfied by their parents. There  are always the haves and have not's. But these days its not only  about food, clothing or shelter. Its about better or the best food, clothing and shelter. Comparison with peers, esteem needs?
2.Education has become more than a necessity. Even though it is still not affordable for some humans, many go for educational loans to  study in premium institutions and even go abroad for the same. While a few lucky ones have their parents pay for it. It is a matter of pride where one's children are studying, be it just a school or higher education. Esteem needs again?
3. Children attend an array of classes; dance(both classical and otherwise), singing, instrumental, karate, sports, etc and to top it all tutions for school lessons. The need to excel and stand out among others?
4. Health has also become a priority. Air and water are polluted. Humans buy water and water purifiers for safety. Eventhough the popularity and demand for fast food, areated drinks, home delivery of food, instant mixes(even biryani is instant) is growing, so is the demand for sugar free, fat free, diet snacks and diet foods.  Yoga classes and the gym are quite in demand these days.
5.For the purpose employment and a brighter future, humans shifed to many parts of different countries across the world. Away from their immediate families and friends, to new friends and new culture.  But they still hold on to their roots, their children still learn classical dance and music, they still celebrate festivals traditional style.
6. While some humans have started showing interest in meditation, yoga, life courses, dance, music, photography, art(in numerous forms) etc.. others have taken up causes and do their bit to help the society. Working to save the planet, groups against animal cruelty, women help organisations and many more. Ecotourism is gaining popularity. self actualisation?
7. Humans left joint families so that they can be independant. And then they search and invest in properties called "Gated communities", where all facilites like banking services, school, grocery store, gym, parks etc are available. A kind of self sufficient functional community. Isnt this what the humans moved out the first place? have they come one full circle? are they going back to where they started?
8. Social networking has gained popularity. With facebook, twitter, Whats app, viber and other applications that can be accessed on the phone...keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world has become easy. Humans are trying harder that ever to keep together, while physical distances seperate them.
There is so much more that can be said...but I have to stop somewhere. Where are the humans headed? what are they looking for?
On one side there are still people who are struggling for their basic needs. On the other hand there are others who have so many choices that their needs are not needs anymore...they are "wants".  So when one need is satisfied(as maslow said), the next may arise, but the one that is satisfied becomes a want.
Evidently the need to prove oneself, to identify one's place in their own world, to feel wanted, to identify ones capabilities, to give back or contribute; is growing. The humans are, i guess, on a path of self-discovery.  To be "Accepted, Acknowledged and Appreciated", be it by others or oneself, is right now on top of the list. 
And where its needed the most are in relationships, any kind, but that's another topic altogether.

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