Thursday, March 7, 2013


I love to talk. you know...stuff...books, movies, and such other harmless gupshup. And i love the compound wall of my house where i used to sit and talk 'nothing' with my neighbour and good friend, as long as i can remember. As time went by the compound wall and lots around it changed, but we just found a different spot on the same wall to chat.

There was a time; when we were young when we had a lot of time. Time to play outside. Time to talk a lot of nothing. We had nothing but time.

Back from school we used to play on the streets, cycling up and down with friends and neighbours. We went in when the sun went down only to play some more, this time carrom, chess and other board games. When we were doing neither, we stood and spoke across the compound wall about 'nothing'. We attended family functions, went on summer vacations, visited relatives, festivals were fun; we ran from house to house distributing sweets; went for movies with family and family friends; We were KIDS!!

As we grew older...high school, college, post graduation... things changed. Lots of TV, computer games, internet, assignments and new friends. We still did find time to stand across the compound wall and speak 'new nothing'.

Then came work and marriage. We got to meet on birthdays and other family, new responsibilities and a new life. we shifted from our maternal homes and thus left the compound wall with it.

Friends shifted abroad and scattered all over the world, literally! Relatives were no exception. As real estate prices soared everyone shifted to the outskirts of the city in different directions.

So talking came down to phone calls and text messages...I am not a 'phone' person. I prefer to see the person face to face when I am talking. It is far better.

Then Kids..Time comes to a stand still. And into our lives comes "Facebook". Aahhh...atleast we get to keep in touch with all our friends and relatives. And best of all i get my own wall. Nothing like the one in my childhood, but still...

Life has become hectic, fast, busy. Even when we do get to meet up with friends, what do we talk about? Kids, school, relatives, househelp and how there is no time. So when do we talk nothing? almost never.

So finally...Blog! Its perfect. We can say what we want; We dont have to see the expressions on the faces of those who read it; if someone does make derogatory comments we can block them; we can write when we want (in my case, when the world sleeps : by the world I mean my daughter); and most importantly it can be about all the 'nothing' that we ever wanted to talk about. love the idea :)

so here goes....

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  1. Ha ha welcome ma'm..

    I ve been an X-blogger and it was surely one of those experiences where u get in touch with the Real 'You'.

    Its more like talking to ur own self except that people wont find ur

    Insha Allah even i'm thinking of getting back seeing ur idea...Lets hope...

    Anywayz enjoy ur ride and let us get to hear more about avnitha's world in this blog....